JV School

Built: 1910
Abandoned: 2001
Location: US
Still Abandoned but on the block to be Demolished
Reason: Financial Issues / Some Students claim abuse
Haunted: Maybe

This JV School located in Pennsylvania was established in Philadelphia but this particler campus was not built until 1910. This campus is 300 acres and has many buildings including a chapel. It operated with the another JV school up the road but then seperated from it in 1931. The school started as an all girls school". The school's purpose was to house young children and teens under the age of 18 who commited a crime or act against the law. Most students who attended this school were sentence here by court order. It stayed an all Girls School up till about 1975 when it became Coed. By the 80s, 55% of the schools attendance were Male. In 1998, the school made an annoucement that it was for sale and was going to close. In 2001 the school closed it doors and left everything behind. Most students were sent to a nearby school. The reason for this closure is unknown but rumor has it that it was financial issues. It is said the campus was bought for 11 million in Nov 2012 and rumor has it that it going to be demolished. Info from wikipedia.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.