Brady House

Built: Late 1950s
Abandoned: 2000s
Location: US
Status: Demolished
Reason: Sold
Haunted: No

Built in the the late 1950s, this abandoned house is much newer than what I typically film. As you all know I am more of a historical home type of person but this one was pretty cool. A very long driveway with the sign, "OPEN HOUSE" was out front so I decided to drive down. When I arrived, this is what I saw, an open house! After doing some research which was tough, the land this house resides on was recently bought by a developer. Not even 3 months after i visited it, it was demolished. The land this house resided on was over 50 acres. Today, newer homes are being built on it by Toll Brothers..

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.