Pennsylvania Railroad Train Station

Built: late 1800s
Abandoned: Around 1986
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Rail line closed
Haunted: Maybe

This abandoned train station has been in dis-repair since the late 80s. Built in the late 1800s, this train station was used by the popular Pennsylvania Railroad that served West Chester to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. When the Pennsylvania Railroad started phasing out, this line was then used by Septa up till about 1986. B/c of track issues and a decrease in ridership beyond the elwyn station, Septa decided to close the line from Elywn to West Chester and spent their money fixing up the Exton - Paoli Station. There were many other stations beyond this station called Glenriddle (demolished), Lenni (demolished) , Wawa (demolished), Glen Mills (still exist), Locksley (still exist), Cheney (post office), Westtown (still exist, Art Gallery), Oakbourne (demolished), West Chester (demolished but station platform used by West Chester Railroad). The tourist railroad, West Chester Railroad, still runs excursion trains with old Diesels and MU Cars from West Chester to Glen Mills. If you would like to see some of the old stations between West Chester and Glen Mills and also ride in history, visit for info and tickets. Note, this station pictured is beyond West Chester Railroad territory. Some info obtained from Wikipedia.

Photos I took while exploring. Click them on them view larger image.