Devils Road

Built: 1700s
Abandoned: Not Abandoned, Active Road
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Active Road
Reason: Active Road
Haunted: Yes

Cossart Road known as "Devils Road" is a narrow street located in Chadds Ford Pennsylvania. The legend to this road is that there is a Cult House in the woods near this road that the DuPont Family lived in. It is said at night, you could see a fire burning and people from the cult today forming a circle around it. Some reports say that people have been chased off the road by red and white trucks. The people driving them trucks are said to have white glowing eyes. It is also said that the Devil will sometime appear in front of your car while driving this road and make you go off the road.

The other well known thing about this road are the Skull Tree and the trees on the outer side
of the road are growing away from it. They will go straight up and then curve to the outside. Some people say it the tree guys cutting them around the wires but there no evidence of cut marks. The skull tree use to be a tree that had a truck looking like the devil skull. This has been removed due to visitors parking on the road causing accidents.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.