PA Railroad 8479 Alco RS 3

Built: 1953
Abandoned: 1995
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Owner Died before he could restore it
Haunted: No

Pennsylvania Railroad 8479 is an Alco RS-3 diesel locomotive that currently sits abandoned in Swedeland, Pennsylvania.  Back in it day, it was used by Pennsylvania Railroad numbered 8479 and Amtrak numbered 104. It was said that the unit was sold to the ARHS. It was then moved to Swedeland with a few other Alcos some time around 1989-1990. When the property was sold, all the Alcos went to a new home except 8479. It was moved to were it resides today. It was said that the guy who owned it was planning on restoring it but died before that could happen. It now just sits there rotting away. The unit has been stripped by vandals so nothing is really left. It only one
of a few PRR Alco RS-3 left so it sad to see it life waste away like this. It almost like it saying from my pictures, "Save Me".

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.