PA Railroad Chester Creek Branch

Built: late 1800s
Abandoned: 1972
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Hurricane destroyed the line
Haunted: by deer

Abandoned for about 40 years, this former Pennsylvania Railroad Line use to be a main line for passengers and then Freight in the later years of it time. In 1972, Hurricane Agnes came through the area and completed destroyed this line. The Chester Creek which runs next to this railroad, hence where the name Chester Creek Branch came from, rose to about 30 feet washing out the railroad to the point that too much money was needed to fix it. At this time, Penn Central operated on this line. This Hurricane did major damage not only to this railroad, but many others along the PA and eastern seaboard. This railroad sat here for 40 years untouched until now. This old rail line is now going to be a rails to trails. This means, all the rails will be torn up and it will become a trail for walking, bikes, etc. The reason why the line looks somewhat clear for being abandoned about 40 years is b/c Septa came through and cleared out all the brush to make it easier for workers to do their job. It was much worst than this a year ago. I am glad i was able to get here to capture what is left of the railroad before it gets torn up. The picture of the stone structure at the end was of an old Starch Factory back in the 1800s. We found this while exploring the railroad. Same goes to the old car in my previous post. Video to follow.

Photo I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.