Trolley Streetcar Graveyard

Trolleys Built: 1936-1952
Abandoned: various years
Location: Classified
Status: Privately Owned
Reason: Vandals
Haunted: Probably Not

Probably my all time favorite location I ever visited. This graveyard houses over 45 Trolley / Streetcars from Philadelphia PA, Boston Mass, Cincinnati Ohio, and Chicago Illinois. These cars are known as a PCC Streetcar with years ranging from 1936-1952 however I believe these trams were built mid 1940s. PCC stood for Presidents' Conference Committee who were part of the design of these trams. The manufacture of these trams was St. Louis Car Company and Pullman Standard and they manufactures about 5000 of these all over the world before ending operation. Westinghouse Electric, Westinghouse Air Brake Company, Canadian Westinghouse Co, and General Electric (GE) built / supllied the electrical systems and braking components for these Trams. In other countries outside the United States, St. Louis Car Company would send over the frame / parts and they would be assembled in the country they were being sent to. PCCs were still manufactures up to 1957 but were built with salvage parts as St. Louis Car Co. stopped manufacturing them in 1952. Today some PCC streetcars still remain but have been brought up to todays rules at least in the US. Philadelphia still owns about 18 of them that run on it Girard Avenue line. They were restored and modernized. The owner of this place purchased a lot of these streetcars starting in the 1980s when rail services were auctioning off there out of service PCC fleet. He also obtained these from other private organizations that had one. He has goals for these streetcars but as you will see in the pictures, a lot of them are way beyond repair. Vandalism has also increased here were windows have been busted out and theft of copper wires and parts have been taken. He does part some of them out currently. Enjoy and stay tuned for the video. Some information about PCC Trams from

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.